What Are HD Lenses or “High Definition” Glasses? – review

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The Real Truth About High Definition Vision with “HD” lenses and Eyeglasses.

High definition lenses is the term to describe digitally surfaced lenses, this method is much more advanced than the traditional methods for making lenses.

Figure #1 – Aberrationspsf

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IMPORTANT NOTE** in the picture above each “E” is Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.31.06 AMstill visible in each row; therefore, technically, you could still score a 20/20 on your vision test but still have very distorted uncomfortable vision.  Because most eye doctors DO NOT have these special aberration measuring machines in their office, people that have high “aberrations” (spherical aberration, coma, or quadrefoil) are largely under diagnosed and not even offered the option to fully correct their abnormal vision, leaving them frustrated with their vision.

People just want to know.. do HD lenses work? – the short answer is YES!

How do HD lenses work?
HD lenses in eyeglasses help patients see better through the reduction of unwanted Distortions, Glares and Halos, called aberrations. Figure #1 shows the different types of distortions that are NOT corrected with traditional lenses.  This happens because high definition eyeglass lenses are a huge technological leap in lens engineering, a process that has been mostly unchanged for almost 100 years! (ridiculous but true..)   BUT… there are some other factors that give the HD lenses their WOW Vision.

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4 reasons most people instantly notice a WOW factor
when they put on their HD glasses.

  1. Digital is BETTER! Point by point precision cuts of a lens beats out old fashion grinding 10 out of 10 times.  The key is in How a HD Lens is made.
  2. HD lenses come with a premium Anti-reflective coating which sharpens vision by selectively allowing good light to enter the eye while eliminating stray glare causing light.
  3. Updating your prescriptions even just a little can make huge differences in clarity.
  4. The precision measurements that are taken when putting lenses into your frame are custom to your face shape making for the best clarity.

Figure #2 – Custom in-office wave front abberometer measurement.


Overall HD Lens or digitally surfaced lenses really do provide patients with superior vision.  The digital process of lens fabrication of High Definition lenses is changing the eye care world through new innovations in both testing and fabrication. Soon HD lenses will be the standard and not just a luxury product, which is great because good vision is good for everyone.

Want to see how much distortion/abberation is in your vision?

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– Dr. Calderon – SEE you soon :)


Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 11.31.29 AM





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