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Your Optometrist in Bronx, NY

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Hi Guys!… that’s just little glimpse of how Eye Care should be!

We are leaders in innovation and the latest technology. We are proud to be the first and only care office to offer “DROPLESS” routine eye exams without sacrificing patient care! Our beautiful Optos Daytona takes “STUNNING” 200° Panoramic retinal photos so you do not need to Burn and Blur from routine exams

Our Bronx Eye Care office and glasses optical was created to give YOU a better eye care experience and a beautiful eye wear selection. At iCare & Eyewear, Eye Care is more important than pushy sales of overpriced frames. Every lens option is explained and simplified, so you get the right lens to meet your custom needs.

iCare and Eyewear’s Vision

Our vision was born 7 years ago when we pledged to fix how urban communities receive eye care. We believe everyone should receive a quality eye exam & experience – not just a “What’s better? 1 or 2? Now go buy something” exam.

We specialize in family care, from Kids to Grandparents and because we practice medical eye care we can give the best pricing on the best lenses and frames. iCare has your best interest in mind.

P.S. Donate your old frames in our Glasses Donation Bin & YOU can help others SEE Better!

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